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National Home Warranty Day - 2021-02-10
What is National Home Warranty Day?
Think of all the things that are in your home. How many items have you replaced? How much have you spent? Most homeowners don’t think about it until something breaks, but home warranties are a great way to protect your investments. Consider how much time and money you’ve invested in your home. Protect it by buying a home warranty. National Home Warranty Day is the perfect time to raise awareness about home warranty protection plans and ensure you have the coverage they need should a major system or appliance break down. A home warranty is a contract that agrees to provide a homeowner with discounted repair and replacement services. The words "home warranty" are not always used explicitly to mean a legal warranty is being conveyed.    
When is National Home Warranty Day?
National Home Warranty Day is observed annually on February 10!
History of National Home Warranty Day
Home Buyers Warranty created National Home Warranty Day In 2016.
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