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National Homemade Bread Day - 2021-11-17
What is National Homemade Bread Day?
The breadmaker has been going full throttle since the Covid-19 pandemic started and forced us all indoors. I never imagined how much we'd be baking when it first started, but now? We're making up some serious calories every day! Let's hope this is one thing that stays behind after the pandemic leaves our lives for good! Nothing beats the flavor and taste coming from that freshly baked bread straight out of your oven. The mouth-watering, perfectly golden crust with some butter slowly melting atop is one thing you cannot experience outside your home - at least not yet! Bread is a delicious and ancient staple food. It usually starts with the dough, which will be fermented before being baked in an oven to give it its signature holes- sometimes called "air pockets." The addition of yeast explains why bread has this characteristic feature!
When is National Homemade Bread Day?
Get baking and celebrate the perfect slice of bread with your friends on November 17th - National Homemade Bread Day!
History of National Homemade Bread Day
Bread has been around for 10,000 years! Imagine a time when people ate simply off the ground and made their own bread. Some loaves of this ancient "sourdough" variety were even preserved with starter yeast in-between days to keep it fresh longer than usual.
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