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National Horse Protection Day - 2022-03-01
What is National Horse Protection Day?
March 1st is the National Horse Protection Day. It aims to help thousands of unwanted horses find forever homes around the country. Throughout history, horses have been a key part of human civilization. They have been used for transportation, farming, and war. They've been an essential part of our culture all over the world for 5,000 years. In the US, we've given them legendary status for their strength and loyalty. Horses are so important to Americans that they appear in our myths and legends and we use them to represent our national identity. For National Horse Protection Day, we must raise awareness about horses that are being abused. We should all be aware of the horrible conditions they are being kept in and how important they are to our society.
When is National Horse Protection Day?
National Horse Protection Day is celebrated on March 1!
History of National Horse Protection Day
Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist/Advocate, Colleen Page created Horse Protection Day in 2005.
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