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National Hot Chocolate Day - 2021-12-31
What is National Hot Chocolate Day?
Hot chocolate is a warm, spiced drink with the perfect amount of sweetness that can be topped off by whipped cream or marshmallows. This yummy hot coffee variant has been enjoyed for centuries – it's origins date back to pre-Columbian times when cocoa was traded between South America and Africa as an alternative currency (it had great medicinal benefits too!). Today we enjoy drinking our favorite alcoholic version at cozy cafes around town but there are those who prefer something more intense like drinking molten chocolate straight from its container!
When is National Hot Chocolate Day?
A cup of hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day. So, raise your mug and say cheers because National Hot Chocolate Day comes on January 31st!
History of National Hot Chocolate Day
Swiss Miss is a well-known hot chocolate manufacturer that started selling their first powdered drink in powder form, instead of just for the cocoa mix. This means you can use it with water and not have any guilt over drinking something containing dairy!
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