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National Housewife’s Day - 2021-11-03
What is National Housewife’s Day?
The term housewife comes from the 13th century and referred to a married woman in charge of the household. We still use this term today to describe the “job” of stay-at-home moms and domestic engineers all around the world. Often a thankless job, a housewife is on duty 24/7. Laundry, cleaning, shuttling kids to and from school, cooking meals, and planning everyone’s lives can be exhausting. National Housewife’s Day honors these hardworking women (and sometimes men) for all that they do around the home. If you have ever wondered what a housewife does all day, now is the time to find out by taking on her role for the day. Give your mom, wife, girlfriend, or partner the day off while you take care of the household chores on National Housewife’s Day. Treat her to a bubble bath while you do the vacuuming. Cook a meal from scratch and set the table. No matter how big or small the gesture, thank her. Post your pictures, stories, and shout-outs on social media using #Housewife’sDay.
When is National Housewife’s Day?
We honor housewives across America on National Housewife’s Day on November 3rd every year.
History of National Housewife’s Day
We do not know who founded National Housewife’s Day but will continue to research its origins.
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