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National Hug Your Boss Day - 2021-09-17
What is National Hug Your Boss Day?
You may have the world's best boss. Or, not. You might enjoy a great friendship with your boss, or you hide under your desk each time they walk through the office. On the whole, most people don't like their bosses. Cutting our leave short, no half Fridays, extra-long meetings, increased workload without increased earnings: there are many reasons to choose from. The concept of National Hug Your Boss Day is to foster good relations between bosses and employees. Employees who have a good working relationship with their bosses are said to be more productive and happier in the work environment. If you do want to observe this national day, be prepared for awkward silences, awkward hugs, and awkward moments thereafter. We're not advocating for you to hug your boss - unless you actually regard them as your friends - but asking your boss before you give them a hug for this national day is strongly advised. Also, expect your next performance review to be icier than usual.
When is National Hug Your Boss Day?
National Hug Your Boss Day is observed annually and in 2021 this day is September 17th. For 2022, National Hug Your Boss day is recognized on August 22nd. Yes, the dates change. We think you know who is changing them: the boss.
History of National Hug Your Boss Day founded Hug Your Boss Day in 2008 to promote healthy workplace relationships. They are, more than likely, the bosses in the work relationship. It makes sense then, doesn't it?
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