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National Ice Cream Pie Day - 2021-08-18
What is National Ice Cream Pie Day?
Since we put ice cream on top of pies, it's natural that we've started putting ice cream inside pies as well! And what a great idea it was, indeed. With all the flavour combinations available, there are new tastes and flavours to be discovered all the time! A graham cracker crust with Rocky Road ice cream can produce a "S'mores Pie" or a vanilla wafer crust and banana ice cream can be made to taste like a banoffee pie! The sky is the limit with this amazing dessert. And they also can stretch quite a way, to serve a large party of people with a small amount of ingredients. All things considered, ice cream pies are a great dessert to bring out at a casual dinner party or family get together.
When is National Ice Cream Pie Day?
Observed on August 18th, National Ice Cream Pie Day celebrates a unique ice cream dessert.
History of National Ice Cream Pie Day
We have yet to discover the inventor of this national day.
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