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National Idaho Day - 2021-05-17
What is National Idaho Day?
On this day in 1863, Idaho was recognized as the 43rd state by the union. Today, the state is best known for its industries, forest cover, and tourism. On this day, the people of Idaho celebrate the day by showcasing the Gem State’s treasured past, flourishing present, and promising future. Celebrations are led by the Idaho Historical Society and proud citizens of the state. Schools and universities, state agencies, and other organizations also join in, in celebration of this special day.
When is National Idaho Day?
National Idaho Day is celebrated every year on May 17.
History of National Idaho Day
National Idaho Day celebrates the momentous occasion when Idaho was declared as the 43rd state to join the union in the year 1890. Since then, the Gem State has witnessed a wave of miners, traders, and missionaries making their way to its cherished lands. Idaho is known for its natural beauty. It is home to the Rocky Mountains range, Snake River, and some of the deepest river gorges in North America. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve are some of the most visited destinations in the state by tourists and Idahoans alike. Hagerman’s Fossil Beds in Idaho is a vast lava field that was formed from prehistoric ancient volcanic activity. Paleontologists often flock to these fossil beds to study the well-preserved fossils of the yesteryears. Idaho is also home to several modern-day inventions. Everything from lists of patents for improving printing presses to railroad technology comes from here! It was also in Idaho where Philo Farnsworth invented the necessary technology to bring the television to the mass market. In recent years, Idaho has gathered fame as a tourism and an agricultural state, and its commercial bases also include science and technology industries, which have become Idaho’s biggest pride.
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