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National Inner Beauty Day - 2021-10-07
What is National Inner Beauty Day?
Beauty is skin deep. We should look beyond a person's appearance when it comes to getting to know them for who they are. But National Inner Beauty Day is about much more than encouraging people to look beyond outward appearances. This day was created to raise awareness of human trafficking and forced labor that is rife all around the world. It is startling that 29.4% of people are subject to either forced labor or sexual exploitation, which is why we need to do more to stop this horrible practice. National Inner Beauty Day is the perfect day to not only rethink our ideals of beauty but also to contribute to organizations that do so much to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation. You, too, can do your part by raising awareness and donating to the organizations, as well as volunteering your time if possible. If you have been a victim of human trafficking, use your voice and share your story to highlight the horrors of trafficking and how to avoid being caught up in human trafficking.
When is National Inner Beauty Day?
We celebrate National Inner Beauty Day on October 7th every year.
History of National Inner Beauty Day
National Inner Beauty Day was founded by Roma Newton in 2016 when her company, 6Degrees Management, partnered with the Saving Innocence foundation to create an awareness around human trafficking.
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