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National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day - 2022-01-31
What is National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day?
Art inspires the soul and can bring people together. This is why it's a great tradition to celebrate Art Day on January 31st every year, as this day gives artists from all over time an opportunity for recognition in honor of their hard work that they put into creating something beautiful with words or images which may otherwise go unnoticed by many outside viewers due largely because we live our lives through what exists around us rather than looking up at everything happening above us without any preconceived notions whatsoever!
When is National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day?
Imagine a world where people are encouraged to explore their creativity and feelings. This is the vision behind Inspire Your Heart With Art Day, an annual celebration observed on January 31st of every year!
History of National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day
January 31st, the first day of winter and shortest day in some parts of Asia. For many this means hardship for others it's just another workday- but there are always ways to keep warm! This yearly celebration called "Inspire Your Heart With Art Day" was created by artist Laura Bipes 25 years ago with hopes that people could get out into nature even if they don't have much time or energy left over after their daily routines are done until Spring comes back around again.
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