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National Internal Medicine Day - 2021-10-28
What is National Internal Medicine Day?
Internists treat a wide variety of common and chronic medical conditions, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. They also diagnose and manage acute illnesses such as pneumonia or appendicitis. The study of internal medicine is broken down into several areas. These include prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. Internists also provide medical care in hospitals or clinics to patients who are experiencing one or more health issues. Internists specialize in the prevention and promoting good health. They make up a large percentage of the medical profession and want to help people live longer healthier lives.  
When is National Internal Medicine Day?
Every year on October 28th, more than 300,000 internal physicians participate in the National Internal Medicine Day.
History of National Internal Medicine Day
Internists and other internal medicine specialists play a crucial role in promoting health and preventing disease. The ACP founded National Internal Medicine Day in 2009 to celebrate the contributions of these physicians.
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