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National Inventor's Day - 2021-02-11
What is National Inventor's Day?
There are more than 1,000 patents in Thomas Edison's name for inventions including the incandescent light bulb and the phonograph. Henry Ford's Model T vehicle, when it was designed in 1912, featured a self-starter which used an automobile battery he had developed. The popular auto industry has been using this design for decades since the inception of Henry Ford's legacy. He founded 14 companies, one that would become General Electric, and his inventions were considered breakthroughs for modernizing the world.
When is National Inventor's Day?
National Inventor's Day was declared on February 11th!
History of National Inventor's Day
President Ronald Reagan declared February 11 as National Inventors Day. The date was chosen in honor of the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison On January 13, 1983.
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