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National IPA Day - 2021-08-05
What is National IPA Day?
IPA is and always has been a popular beer, but is becoming especially popular to microbreweries around the country. It was developed sometime in the 1700s, when someone unknown has the idea to add hops to the beer, which helped it to stay fresh on the long voyages to India. George Hodgson then took the idea and ran with it, becoming known for brewing this specific type of beer. On this very special national day, support a local brewery in your community and give IPA beer a shot. You can even have taste competitions with friends or turn it into a whole party theme of your own!
When is National IPA Day?
The first Thursday in August celebrates a popular craft beer called India Pale Ale Beer, or IPA Beer.
History of National IPA Day
National IPA Beer Day was founded in 2011 by Ashley Rousten, an avid beer enthusiast and author of The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer: An Unpretentious Guide to Craft Beer.
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