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National Jersey Friday - 2021-11-05
What is National Jersey Friday?
This year, it's time to celebrate Jersey Friday! Show off your favorite player and be the envy of everyone in town. Wear their jersey with pride on this day- wear an outfit that involves wearing clothes sporting teams like ours - all while getting into the spirit (and picking up some new ones too)! The fall is in full swing by this point, and while some of us will be jumping out our seats to cheer on the passing team or defense that makes an interception others might choose instead to get up close with family members at game day tailgates. On Jersey Friday we show off our colors however you want - whether they're Jaguars blue jeans!
When is National Jersey Friday?
On the first Friday in November annually we celebrate National Jersey Friday. This year it fall on November 5th.
History of National Jersey Friday
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