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National Johnny Appleseed Day - 2021-09-26
What is National Johnny Appleseed Day?
Johnny Appleseed, born John Chapman, was from Massachusetts. He began propagating apple seeds in Pennsylvania, moving up to West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana. Eventually, he moved all the way to Michigan and Wisconsin. As he moved, Johnny taught his methods to farmers. He would plant seeds and trees for free with his teachings. He became known for his wide-brimmed hat, shoeless feet, and suntanned skin. He was welcomed all over and much loved in orchards nationwide. Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated either on March 11th or September 26th. September 26th is Johnny's birthdate, and March 11th is sometimes chosen due to it being right near planting season.
When is National Johnny Appleseed Day?
ON September 26th, we honor Johnny Appleseed, the man responsible for America's apples.
History of National Johnny Appleseed Day
We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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