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National JoyGerm Day - 2022-01-08
What is National JoyGerm Day?
National JoyGerm Day annually reminds people across the country that by being positive and treating people compassionately, they can influence those around them. Joan White of Syracuse, New York thought of the idea of holding joy germ Day. This day has gained popularity across the US and around the world since 1981. Ms. White is a retired advertising and public relations specialist, which explains why she’s used her creative thinking to promote this day. Joy germs are a term created by author Alice White. The original joy germ day fell on her mother’s birthday, so she decided to have the holiday to honor her. She wasn’t entirely sure where the idea came from, but one mention of it came in an article she wrote for a local inn.
When is National JoyGerm Day?
National JoyGerm Day is celebrated every year on January 8th!
History of National JoyGerm Day
National JoyGerm Day was founded in 1981 by Joan White, a happy and enthusiastic woman.
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