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National Jukebox Day - 2021-11-24
What is National Jukebox Day?
The first jukebox in history looked nothing like the ones we're familiar with today. On November 23, 1889, an inventor named Louis Glass installed one of his music machines at a saloon called Palais Royale located on fois San Francisco's Filis Street between Kearny and Columbus Avenues - which would later become part of Uptown Oakland when it was founded six years later due to its popularity among tourists who arrived by ferry from across The Bay during California Gold Rush era Victorians' desire for "recreation" while living amidst Mother Nature. In America, the word "jukebox" came into use in 1940. It seems that this new slang for a music box.
When is National Jukebox Day?
National Jukebox Day is celebrated on November 24th.
History of National Jukebox Day
TouchTunes founded National Jukebox Day.
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