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National Just Because Day - 2021-08-27
What is National Just Because Day?
The aim of National Just Because Day is to provide an opportunity for one to do whatever they like, just because they feel like it! Since the day we're born, we're expected to do things we don't care for. And as we get older, the expectations just get worse and worse! On this day we can just let go of all that and do whatever we'd like! Ice cream for breakfast? Why not! Going for a beach day in the middle of the week? Call in sick and go ahead! Just because!
When is National Just Because Day?
Enjoy a childlike freedom on August 27th, with National Just Because Day!
History of National Just Because Day
National Just Because Day was created by Joseph J. Goodwin in the late 1950's, as a family celebration. It grew from there into a national American celebration.
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