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National Kazoo Day - 2022-01-28
What is National Kazoo Day?
The kazoo is an American musical instrument that adds a "buzzing" timbral quality to the player's voice when they vocalize into it. It can also be played with just your mouth, making this one of many instruments in which musicians modify their voices by way of vibrating membranes for different effects; like mirlitons (which themselves are membranophones), these types alter and change what you say through sound waves traveling through air or other materials around them!
When is National Kazoo Day?
The sound of Kazoo is one that can make you feel like joining in on the fun. Join us as we celebrate January 28 National Kazoo Day and wish everyone kazounds for good luck!
History of National Kazoo Day
A kazoo is a musical instrument that you can play by humming into it. Kazoos were first invented in the 1880s and soon after their creation, people started calling them "kazoohs." The UK called this new noise we heard at parties or for some reason why someone just needs an excuse - Timmy Talkers!
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