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National Kentucky Day - 2021-10-19
What is National Kentucky Day?
When you think of Kentucky, country music and the Derby come to mind. Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass state. It became the 15th state to be given statehood when it separated from Virginia in 1792. The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, Kentucky is rich in culture and history. The famous Kentucky Derby, a horse race, was first held in 1875, and continues to this day in Louisville. Horses are not the only thing we know Kentucky for. Basketball is an important sport in Kentucky. Their team, The Kentucky Wildcats, has produced NBA players like Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. National Kentucky Day celebrates the history and culture of this great state. You can celebrate by visiting Kentucky and enjoying one of the many state parks and historical sites that Kentucky is famous for. Explore the Mammoth Caves and learn the history behind them. Share your stories and pictures of Kentucky on social media using #KentuckyDay.
When is National Kentucky Day?
Kentuckers celebrate their national day on October 19th each year with a host of festivals and music shows.
History of National Kentucky Day
The origin of National Kentucky Day is unknown. We will continue to research the history behind the day.
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