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National Kite Flying Day - 2022-02-08
What is National Kite Flying Day?
Ancient people used kites for both practical and ceremonial reasons. They used bamboo or reeds to make the framework, leaves or paper to make the sails, and vines or braided fibers to make the line. The first kites were probably tools; they sent messages into the sky or lifted offerings up to the gods. Kites are popular today because they're fun and help people relax. There are many different kinds. You can buy a simple diamond kite or a more complicated box kite. If you want to do tricks, you can buy a stunt kite. They let you perform amazing aerial stunts.  
When is National Kite Flying Day?
National Kite Flying Day is celebrated on February 8 every year!
History of National Kite Flying Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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