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National Kitten Day - 2021-07-10
What is National Kitten Day?
The aim and goal of National Kitten Day, aside from giving kittens their well-earned love and affection, is to remind us all about how many little ones are abandoned or unable to find homes. We use this day to educate about the importance of neutering or spaying your pets, including cats, and about adopting from shelters instead of purchasing from a pet store. It's worth taking a trip to your local shelter to see which animals they've got available, or to see if they need any assistance if you're unable to adopt. Whatever your situation, there is likely a little kitty that would love to go home with you!
When is National Kitten Day?
July 10th celebrates and honours the cutest, fluffiest, cuddliest little beings on the planet, kittens!
History of National Kitten Day
National Kitten Day was founded by Animal Advocate Colleen Paige to encourage adoptions and to celebrate the joys of owning a pet cat.
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