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National Knock-Knock Jokes Day - 2021-10-31
What is National Knock-Knock Jokes Day?
Knock-knock jokes are a type of joke cycle that has been told for centuries. People all over the world enjoy them, and they're perfect for any age group! When you hear "knock-knock" sound effects your brain will know what's coming next because it is part of an interesting play with words called " Knock-Knocking." It can be difficult at first but if one pays attention then eventually after hearing enough times this hilarious game becomes easier to follow along with. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Luke. Luke who? Luke through the peephole and find out.
When is National Knock-Knock Jokes Day?
National Knock Knock Joke Day is a day where you have to outsmart your friends and family with jokes. It's on October 31st!
History of National Knock-Knock Jokes Day
A possible source of the joke is William Shakespeare's Macbeth; first performed in 1606. In Act 2, Scene 3 when Porter becomes hungover he starts speaking while using "Knock knock - who’s there?" as a refrain which might be where this idea came from.
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