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National Lame Duck Day - 2022-02-06
What is National Lame Duck Day?
The term “lame duck” can refer to a person who is unable to pay off his debts and is thus doomed to fail. The phrase originated as a description of stockbrokers who could not pay off their debts but later carried over to businesses who would continue to do business while known to be bankrupt. Lame-duck politicians are people who have lost an election, chosen not to run again, or are unable to run due to term limits. These politicians are often forced out of office before their term ends, which can cause problems for the country.
When is National Lame Duck Day?
National Lame Duck Day is recognized annually on February 6th!
History of National Lame Duck Day
The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by the Senate on February 20, 1933, and by the House of Representatives on March 2, 1933. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed this day as National Lame Duck Day to honor the passing of this amendment, which moved the date of presidential inaugurations from March 4 to January 20.
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