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National Lash Day - 2022-02-19
What is National Lash Day?
The world celebrates lash day. It is a day for both natural and false lashes to be celebrated. It is also a day for people to buy and use lash products. Lots of people care about the way their eyelashes look, so lash products are one of the most popular cosmetic industry products. Natural eyelashes are a key component to any makeup look, but they also serve to protect your eyes. Lashes have always been important for making eyes stand out, but they also prevent eye infections or dirt from getting in. One of the most important benefits of lashes is that they keep moisture in the eyes, which helps prevent dryness. Eyelashes are a cosmetic necessity for everyone. They can be long or short, natural or colored, but they are an essential part of every person's beauty routine.
When is National Lash Day?
National Lash Day is celebrated annually on February 19th!
History of National Lash Day
National Lash Day was founded by the House of Lashes in August of 2015.
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