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National Leathercraft Day - 2021-08-15
What is National Leathercraft Day?
The art of leather making and leatherwork has been around for centuries, and continues to be one of the most fascinating and useful trades of all time. Leather can be used to make basically anything, from decorative items to protective gear and weapons. A skilled leatherworker is artistic and gifted with the ability to craft items from leather using specialty techniques and materials that allow the leather to last for a very long time. National Leathercraft Day recognizes the incredible amount of skill, dedication, and creativity that comes with being a leather worker.
When is National Leathercraft Day?
August 15th of every year is celebrated as National Leathercraft Day.
History of National Leathercraft Day
National Leathercraft Day was created by Tandy Leather on August 15 of 2018. Their aim was to recognize the art of leathercrafting and to encourage an interest in the craft.
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