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National Legwear Day - 2021-09-22
What is National Legwear Day?
On September 22nd, celebrate National Legwear Day! The weather is cooling off, and fall fashion is hot. This is the time to show off your legs in the best hosiery around. Getting ready for the holidays? Why not show off your own style with the right legwear? From sheer stockings to leggings and anklets, socks come in all different sizes. This season, why not take advantage of the many different styles available to you? The Queen of England was presented with her first pair of stockings in 1598. Nowadays, women choose from numerous types of legwear. Their options include opaque, brightly colored tights, textured anklets, and foundation finishes depending on the occasion. In addition, sheer hose offers a more subtle approach in shades for all skin colors and tones. Men’s socks have changed, too. They can be bold or subdued. They can be classic or fun. And men can express their style with their socks. As ties fade from the workplace, these accessories become more important in expressing a man’s identity and personality. Kids will also love brightly colored and patterned socks that bring a smile to their face and joy to their feet.
When is National Legwear Day?
National Legwear Day is observed on September 22nd.
History of National Legwear Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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