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National Leif Erikson Day - 2021-10-09
What is National Leif Erikson Day?
Viking explorers landed in their droves on United States shores. We’ve all watched Thor – and those legends and myths – entertained us. One such Viking was Leif Erikson. This Icelandic sailor brought the first Nordic people to North America in 1000 AD. His descendants and fellow Nords are still living in the Upper Midwest – and National Leif Erikson Day recognizes their contributions to the USA. Celebrate National Leif Erikson Day by reading up on their Viking adventures and voyages. A visit to a museum will teach you how they settled in the US. And, why not rewatch a Thor movie. Share your Nordic heritage on social media with #LeifErikson.
When is National Leif Erikson Day?
We celebrate the travels and voyages of this Viking on October 9th each year for National Leif Erikson Day.
History of National Leif Erikson Day
This day was founded in 1964 by the US Congress and President Lyndon B. Johnson. The date is significant in remembrance of the Norwegian sloop Restauration that landed in New York harbor on October 9th, 1825. It brought 52 Nords to the USA in the first organized immigration movement.
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