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National Licorice Day - 2022-04-12
What is National Licorice Day?
Is there a day for everything? Yes, even for licorice. On April 12th (that’s tomorrow!), National Licorice Day will be celebrated around the world. It will be the perfect time to recognize the history of licorice and its many uses. You can find licorice in many forms — from candy to ropes — and enjoy it on this special day. But of course, this has evolved to include all types and flavors of licorice. There is a reason that black licorice is good for your tummy. Licorice root contains anti-inflammatory properties that can heal stomach problems caused by heartburn and gastritis. Glycyrrhizic acid, the immune-boosting compound in licorice, can restore balance to the stomach lining. You deserve a treat! Here are a few jelly beans to celebrate the holiday.
When is National Licorice Day?
April 12 is celebrated as National Licorice Day.
History of National Licorice Day
Licorice International decided to create a day in 2004, marking the occasion with the National Confectioners Association. The company provides nearly 100 different types of licorice from all over the world.
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