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National Lipstick Day - 2021-07-29
What is National Lipstick Day?
Lipstick is a type of creamy makeup that is applied to the lips to give it colour. Originally, lipstick was made in shades of red and pink only. As time has passed and trends have ebbed and flowed, lipstick has been made into basically any colour and any shade one could possibly imagine. For such a simple and basic makeup product, lipstick has a pretty controversial history. In 1770, it was banned by British Parliament who thought of it as a devilish attempt to trick men into marriage. And today, after years of having to fight off a ruined reputation for wearing lipstick, we appreciate being able to wear it as we please with no judgment.
When is National Lipstick Day?
National Lipstick Day is observed on July 29th of every year.
History of National Lipstick Day
Though National Lipstick Day has been observed on and off annually, it only became an official national day in 2016 at the proclamation of famed beauty blogger, entrepreneur, and influencer Huda Kattan.
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