National Live Creative Day

September 14, 2021

September 14 - National Live Creative Day

What Is National Live Creative Day?

National Live Creative Day on September 14th encourages us all to explore our imaginations, inspire our creativity with boldness and freedom in our expressions. No matter your work industry, the field of study, or school, creativity and problem-solving are important and necessary skills. We might not always have the opportunity or platform to express our creativity, but today we have the world’s stage on social media with #NationalLiveCreativeDay. Are you a singer, a writer, an artist, a coder, a landscape gardener? Share your passion, imagination, and creativity to inspire those around us.

When Is National Live Creative Day?

Share your creativity with the world on National Live Creative Day on September 14th. Show your inspiration, let your imagination run wild, and unveil your inventions on this day.

History Of National Live Creative Day

Creative Promotional Products submitted National Live Creative Day in April of 2016 to promote creative lifestyles that change the world.


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