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National Lollipop Day - 2021-07-20
What is National Lollipop Day?
The earliest versions of lollipops likely involved honey, nuts, and berries preserved to a solid. As sugar became more prevalent, lollipops began to be made from a sugar syrup hardened onto a stick to be enjoyed easily. The simple sugar base of the candy makes it easy for lollipops to be coloured and flavoured to the confectioner's desire, resulting in hundreds of different flavour combinations. Modern lollipops even have bubblegum, sherbet, or popping candy in the center! Lollipops are a cheap and easy candy that can be enjoyed by all ages.
When is National Lollipop Day?
National Lollipop Day on July 20th is the perfect time to celebrate and honour the world's most favourite sweet candy!
History of National Lollipop Day
National Lollipop Day was founded by the National Confectioners Association.
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