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National Lost Dogs Awareness Day - 2022-04-23
What is National Lost Dogs Awareness Day?
On April 23rd, people all over the country come together to share their stories of lost and found dogs. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about missing dogs and reuniting them with their owners. On National Dog Day, pet owners and others will learn how to prevent dogs from running away and reunite families with their dogs. Many shelters and other organizations will post and share information on social media about the day. How many times have you seen a dog roaming the streets and thought it was a stray? Many owners think that, too. However, some dogs just want to get back home. That's why there is the National Lost Dog Awareness Day. It is a day to raise awareness about lost dogs and remind people how to help their pets get back home. This day is a great opportunity for all homeless dogs to get home. It's also a tragic day for families who have lost their dog and are desperately searching for them.
When is National Lost Dogs Awareness Day?
National Lost Dog Awareness Day is celebrated on April 23.
History of National Lost Dogs Awareness Day
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