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National Louisiana Day - 2021-11-09
What is National Louisiana Day?
Louisiana is the 18th state to join the union on April 30, 1812. Famous for being the home of jazz, sediments from the Mississippi River formed the lands of Louisiana. Louisiana has a fascinating history of culture, language, and heritage. It was once home to many Native American tribes. The Choctaw, Chitimacha, and Natchez are still around today. From the amazing foods to languages like Creole, Louisiana has a culture like no other. Celebrate the state that gave us Mardi gras and more this National Louisiana Day. Visit a museum, go to a jazz club, and learn more about the intriguing history of Louisiana. Share your stories, pictures, and memories on social media using #LouisianaDay.
When is National Louisiana Day?
On November 9, National Louisiana Day is celebrated to remember the state that gave us such treasures as Dixieland Jazz, Afro-Caribbean rhythms
History of National Louisiana Day
Louisiana became part of the United States in 1803 when the country bought 828,000 square miles of land for $15 million from France. Louisiana's first statehood was in 1812 after 15 other states were created out of it. When French explorers first arrived, many diverse tribes populated the area. Many of their population were decimated by disease and war. Today, Natchez, Choctaw or Chitimacha descendants still survive there. The exact history of National Louisiana Day seems unclear. Records seem to suggest that this day has been observed since 2017. The founders and reasons for choosing November 9th as the date for observation are unknown.#NationalLouisianaDay #LouisianaDay
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