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National Love a Tree Day - 2021-05-16
What is National Love a Tree Day?
Trees are celebrated and recognized for the wonderful gift they are to us. From the sweet sap of sugar maples, to the towering trunks of tulip trees, there are so many species of trees we should love each and every day. How trees are utilized and managed has changed in the last 400 years. Where people live and how we farm has also changed. While some urban forests increase, other areas see a decline. Tree planting programs improve landscapes but human activities and population growth continue to impact ecosystems. Here are a few ways you can celebrate this holiday: - Plant some trees that are native to your area - Make sure the trees on your property are healthy - look for signs of disease or pests and remove dead twigs - Teach others about this day and the benefits of trees. Create awareness with the hashtag #LoveATreeDay on social media
When is National Love a Tree Day?
On May 16th each year, National Love a Tree Day celebrates the wonderful gifts trees give. Set in the middle of Garden for Wildlife Month, the observance encourages us to care for trees and plant trees.
History of National Love a Tree Day
The origins of National Love A Tree Day are still currently unknown, so is who invented it or when it was invented. All that we do know is that it’s been around for quite a few years now.
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