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National Love is Kind Day - 2021-07-27
What is National Love is Kind Day?
National Love is Kind Day is the day on which we support and celebrate all those who have managed to free themselves from the trap that is domestic violence. As the community, we aim to teach that real love is kind, not terrifying or violent. On this day, we give the space and opportunity for victims and survivors to tell their stories and we do all that we can to make it known that we love and support them. Be aware of the way that you treat the people around you and try your best to empower, support, and encourage those who need it. If you have kids in your circles, begin teaching them and modelling for them what real love should be and what healthy relationships look like, so that we can end the cycle of abuse before it even starts.
When is National Love is Kind Day?
National Love is Kind Day on July 27th celebrates a very important type of independence - independence from one's abuser.
History of National Love is Kind Day
National Love is Kind Day was created by Rosie Aiello and Sunny in 2018, who also co-founded the Love is Kind Network. Their purpose is to spread awareness on domestic violence, and to create a kinder, more loving world.
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