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National Love People Day - 2021-09-30
What is National Love People Day?
National Love People Day asks us to spend the day spreading nothing but unconditional love, support, and happiness to other people. Such an undertaking is a difficult one, as it requires an amount of dedication and grace that is not easily acquired by most people. But as soon as we give out the amount of love and respect we'd like to experience for ourselves, we'll watch everything get a million times happier and easier. Some ways to spread love today are to give charity, to volunteer at a charity, or even just to help out a neighbour who needs it.
When is National Love People Day?
National Love People Day on September 30th encourages uplifting others and spreading love.
History of National Love People Day
National Love People Day was founded in 2017 by the Lifeline Church in Chicago, to inspire the spirit of unconditional love and bringing the community together.
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