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National Loyalty Day - 2021-05-01
What is National Loyalty Day?
On May 1st, Americans celebrate their freedom and pledge their loyalty to the United States. This day is called National Loyalty Day. It's a great time to remember the history of American freedom and the sacrifices made to preserve it. Every U.S. president since 1955 has created a national day of recognition for military service members, their families, and civilians who have served in the past. Each president's message acknowledges the importance of loyalty, freedom, and unity in our country's principles. They honor those who have sacrificed for our country as well as those who continue to do so. There are many ways to celebrate. Here are just some of them. Participate in civic events, such as voting and attending veteran events. Take part in the political process by educating yourself on local, state, and national issues, or even organizing an event. Exercise your right to vote and attend veteran events. Learn about your heritage by participating in local events and memorial ceremonies.
When is National Loyalty Day?
Loyalty Day is observed on May 1st.
History of National Loyalty Day
In 1921, President Harding made July fourth a national holiday. It was a counterpoint to the Communist celebration of Labor Day. In 1958, Congress made this official and President Eisenhower proclaimed it a federal holiday.
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