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National Lumpy Rug Day - 2021-05-03
What is National Lumpy Rug Day?
On May 3rd each year, there is a special holiday for those who love their carpets. It's a fun, quirky way to appreciate the texture and beauty of a lumpy rug. There are two ways to celebrate. Spring cleaning is a time for you to evaluate your home and your belongings. If you love the comfort of your old lumpy rug, then make sure it stays. However, if you want a clean and orderly house, then there are several ways to get rid of the clutter. There are two ways to look at the day. One is the way we often sweep away unwelcome facts and issues that are inconvenient. We use this method to sweep them under the rug. Though, it rarely does us any good. You can take a lumpy rug and make it smooth again. First, try heat by ironing on natural fibers or laying the rug out in the sun. If that doesn't work, try steam, depending on the material of your rug.
When is National Lumpy Rug Day?
The National Lumpy Rugs day is celebrated every year on May 3.
History of National Lumpy Rug Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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