National Macaroon Day

May 31, 2021

What Is National Macaroon Day?

This day is to celebrate the American coconut macaroon – not to be confused with the famous macaron. Macarons and macaroons differ in their main ingredient, macarons are made with almond meal, and macaroons are made with shredded coconut. Both made without flour. Their names are almost the same, but these confections have evolved into two completely different cookies. Both macarons and macaroons are descendants of the OG macaroon, an Italian cookie.

When Is National Macaroon Day?

May 31 is National Macaroon Day and it’s most assuredly an American holiday since the macaroon is definitely an American cookie!

History Of National Macaroon Day

The English word macaroon actually comes from the French macaron, which in turn is a translation of the Italian word maccarone. Coconut dominated the macaroon scene in the United States for so long that it didn’t really matter that these two cookies have such similar names—until about a decade ago when the Parisian macaron exploded in popularity. Now, it’s easy to confuse the two, with some American bakers translating the almond sandwich cookie into English and others sticking with the original French spelling. The same problem doesn’t come up in France, where coconut macaroons are known by an entirely different name: rochers coco.


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