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National Make A Difference Day - 2021-10-23
What is National Make A Difference Day?
The National Make A Difference Day aims to bring communities together and improve the quality of life of those around us. This national day is observed each year on the fourth Saturday of October for organizations to come together to make a difference. Help those in your community that need the most support. Your elbow grease, effort, and time will not be in vain: it will make a difference in other people's lives. Volunteer in your community or work with an organization this weekend. Mentor youth members of your community. Donate to those hard-working organizations making a year-round difference in your community. You can also support someone struggling with words of encouragement.
When is National Make A Difference Day?
National Make A Difference Day is observed on October 23rd aiming to bring together people and organizations to make a difference in communities.
History of National Make A Difference Day
Make a Difference Day was created in 1992 by USA WEEKEND Magazine and Points of Light.
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