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National Make a Friend Day - 2021-02-11
What is National Make a Friend Day?
You can celebrate the potential for friendship all around you on this holiday by making room for new connections in your life. The key to living your happiest, most fulfilling life is having a strong social support system. Get out there and make some new friends! It's important to have friends, old and new. Making friends is an important part of life. Your goal on this day is to take inventory of all your relationships and discover how you can broaden your personal universe. You might discover something new through a new friendship. A friend can provide us with a safe emotional space where we can be ourselves. A good friend is our greatest asset.
When is National Make a Friend Day?
National Make A Friend Day is a holiday that's observed annually on February 11th.
History of National Make a Friend Day
We continue researching the origins of National Make A Friend Day.
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