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National Mario Day - 2021-03-10
What is National Mario Day?
On Mar 10, a major holiday will celebrate an iconic video game character. The character is known today as Mario. He first appeared in 1981 in a game called Donkey Kong that was made by Nintendo. The world was introduced to Mario through Donkey Kong. In the original game, Mario's name was Jumpman and he was a carpenter. Then in 1983, Nintendo launched a new game that would become iconic. It featured an Italian plumber named Mario who rescued princesses. Whether the game is set in a fantasy kingdom or the depths of space, the characters and storylines are fascinating. Game fans will admit they find the characters endearing and the storylines engaging. The games are fun and never get old.
When is National Mario Day?
Mario Day is celebrated on March 10.
History of National Mario Day
Nintendo created this game. Fans of the game and its characters made it. They cleverly chose the date because it spells the character’s name when abbreviated. We can’t identify who founded the day, but they could be hidden in a power-up or an incomplete level of the game.
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