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National Mason Jar Day - 2021-11-30
What is National Mason Jar Day?
In honor of National Mason Jar Day on the 30th, we're taking a look at some interesting facts about these iconic food jars from across America! Created as an alternative form for storing and transporting foods due in part because they were difficult (if not impossible)to seal without any loss-in their ability to transport hot liquids such ices tea leaves or coffee powders inside them using rubber stoppers before sealing. Waxed paper was often lined around its exterior which helped keep out air making them suitable for refrigerator storage with cool washroom facilities available near where produce would arrive after being packed!  
When is National Mason Jar Day?
On November 30th, it is National Mason Jar Day. Mason jar lids have become a common fixture on backyards across America.
History of National Mason Jar Day
Though the Mason jar has become a symbol of hipness, it started as necessity. In 1858 John Landis Mason found himself in need for preserving fruits and vegetables when he devised an ingenious lid that screwed onto threaded glass lip with sealing ring over boiled contents; this perfect design was born from saving foods during times before canning became popular!
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