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National Mead Day - 2021-08-07
What is National Mead Day?
Mead is one of the world's oldest beverages, the ancestor of all beers, wines, and fermented drinks. Mead is made from honey, water, and yeast, and flavoured with just about anything the crafter desires. You can use fruits, flowers, or herbs, or mix and match to create your own unique flavours. To make it even more fun, some brewers carbonate their mead, or add hops to the mead and distill it, making it a little more like brandy. On National Mead Day, grab yourself a glass of this delicious beverage and learn more about the methods used to make the drink.
When is National Mead Day?
National Mead Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in August.
History of National Mead Day
Mead Day was created by the American Homebrewers Association in 2002.
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