National Memo Day

May 21, 2021

May 21 - National Memo Day

What Is National Memo Day?

A memorandum (memo) is a document used to inform a group of people about a specific topic. It is usually used in the workplace but serves a variety of purposes and comes in a variety of forms. The aim of this day is to educate the public about the proper way to use memos and what information can and cannot be included in one to ensure that no company secrets are released to the wrong hands. Employees also ask that memo-senders reduce the amount of memos sent out and focus on quality over quantity.

When Is National Memo Day?

May 21st is National Memo Day! Set your reminders!

History Of National Memo Day

KMJI Majic Radio 100 FM of Denver, Colorado, created the observance in 1989 to shine a spotlight on the mountain of memos flooding the American workplace.


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