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National Men Make Dinner Day - 2021-11-04
What is National Men Make Dinner Day?
Is your household dominated by gender-based roles where the woman does all the cooking and cleaning, and the man is the provider? It’s time to slash these gender norms and get men in the kitchen. Did you know that 61% of American households comprise families where both parents work? This requires tasks like cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids to be a shared responsibility. National Men Make Dinner Day is the best way to reevaluate gender-based roles. There are rules to the day. So, Men, take note:
  1. The main meal must include at least 4 ingredients
  2. From shopping for ingredients to serving the meal, men must do it all
  3. Cooking and cleaning are all part of the task
  4. Aprons are optional
This National Men Make Dinner Day, share your recipes, pictures and cooking tips on social media using #MenMakeDinnerDay.
When is National Men Make Dinner Day?
Men across America step into the kitchen and cook a meal for their family on the first Thursday in November. This year, we will celebrate this day on November 4th.
History of National Men Make Dinner Day
This day was created by Sandy Sharkey in 2001 to encourage her husband to help in the kitchen more and get rid of gender-based roles in the household.
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