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National Metric Day - 2021-10-10
What is National Metric Day?
How do you measure speed when cruising down the highway? The metric system is how we measure distance, speed, weight, and length. It is the most accurate system in the world. The metric system is the preferred method of measuring for doctors, pharmacists, researchers, and mechanics. Developed in France in 1799, it was introduced to the US in 1866. It is easier to calculate than the English system. Most Americans are reluctant to use the metric system. They measure distance and speed in Miles Per Hour. To celebrate National Metric Day, practice your conversions. You can convert the miles you drive to work into kilometers. You can also practice your conversions when baking, too. Share information about the metric system on social media using #MetricSystem.
When is National Metric Day?
We base the metric system on a measure of 10. It is only fitting that we celebrate National Metric Day on the 10th day of the 10th month. We will celebrate this day on October 10th of this year.
History of National Metric Day
We previously celebrated National Metric Week from May 9th to May 13th. In October 1983, the National Council of Teachers proclaimed that National Metric Day is celebrated in the week of October 10th.
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