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National Middle Child Day - 2021-08-12
What is National Middle Child Day?
Middle Child Syndrome describes middle children as often "lost", or erratic. They're thought to be more creative and artistic than academic, which can sometimes lead them to be overshadowed by their older or younger siblings who may perform better in school or social settings. Regardless of whether you believe in Birth Order Psychology or not, it is common sense to notice that middle children are a little less celebrated than the oldest and youngest, who get their praises based on being the "responsible one" and the "baby of the family" respectively. `And so, on this national day, we encourage parents and siblings all over to give praise and celebration to the middle child (or children, if your family is larger!) of your home.
When is National Middle Child Day?
National Middle Child Day honors the "forgotten" family members, the middle children, on August 12th of every year.
History of National Middle Child Day
National Middle Children's Day was founded by Elizabeth Walker in the 1980's, and was celebrated on the second Saturday of August. Walker stated that she wanted to create this day specifically to honor middle children who she felt were "left out". The observance later became known as National Middle Child Day and began to be celebrated on August 12th.
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