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National Milk Chocolate Day - 2021-07-28
What is National Milk Chocolate Day?
When dark solid chocolate is combined with any kind of milk, be it powdered, liquid, or condensed, the result is our absolute favourite, milk chocolate. The added sugar and fat means that milk chocolate is the less healthy counterpart to the traditional dark chocolate. However, the delicious creamy taste makes it so that milk chocolate is a fan favourite to use in baked goods, desserts, and warm or cold beverages. There are possibly hundreds of ways to use milk chocolate and countless combinations to try out, including fruity, salty, crispy, and many more. Spend the day trying out some you've never tried before and share what you find using #MilkChocolateDay.
When is National Milk Chocolate Day?
National Milk Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 28th of each year.
History of National Milk Chocolate Day
National Milk Chocolate Day was created by the National Confectioners Association.
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